“Would it be possible to make transparent any towage operation around the world with the use of GPS data?” I asked my brother (the family data scientist) one morning back in 2016. As a former MD of a large harbor towage company I knew the value of accurate assessments of the tugjob volume and operational circumstances in a port for the purpose of business development. Or rather, I knew the pain of the lack of accurate assessments. Business expansions that were projected to bring strong returns turned out to be loss-giving, simply because of overestimated volumes and underestimated operational requirements. The direct financial consequences were clear, but the indirect consequences were more profound: hesitation to jump on other opportunities, a loss of entrepreneurship. “Yes” my brother replied and LionRock Maritime was born.  Since then we have done towage market research projects for our customers in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and the United States.



It is LionRock Maritime’s ambition to generate value for maritime companies by getting practical insights from data. We do this by combining industry knowledge with the latest insights on data analysis technology. Data is abundant and “cheap”. Getting the insights from it that help you enhance your business is what we do best. A good example of how we bring this ambition to live is our Waste Free shipping product that allows towage companies to reduce fuel costs and emissions. From the idea inception and finding a launching customer in summer 2018 to now (June 2020), we have proven that this product works, attested by below quote and the fact that we are now live in 15+ ports in Europe and the USA.

“The results exceeded our expectations. The good thing about LionRock’s product is that it does not require any investment in hardware, nor a lot of management time. It is simple, fast, has saved us significant costs and reduced our emissions.”  Walter Collet, MD at Fairplay



My name is Rick Broersma. I am husband of Valerie, father to Mattias and founder of LionRock Maritime. I spent 15 great years at the Maersk Group, which – at least according to start-up world standards - makes me an “Industry Dinosaur”. The last 4 years I have been exploring life as an entrepreneur and getting acquainted with what the digital world has to offer. I recently completed an MSc degree in Digital Business (Cum Laude), I am learning to code and founded LionRock Maritime. It has been a fantastic journey and the fact that we have been able to create something from scratch that is adding value to my customers, reducing the CO2 emissions of shipping (Waste free shipping product) and providing employment and development opportunities for my team is the fulfillment of a long held dream.