LionRock Maritime Logo 2022

#IWBS 2022

#IWBS 2022

LionRock Maritime will be exhibiting at the #Workboatshow in New Orleans from 30 November to 2 December this year. Please find us at booth 244 in the Launch Pad area, which is reserved for innovative companies servicing the Tugboat industry.

LionRock Maritime to expand its operation into Latin America

LionRock Maritime helps harbor and terminal towage businesses to reduce fuel consumption by lowering sailing speeds during light sailing mode. The product has been tried and tested in around 15 ports in North West Europe and the US with very good results. “We see a lot of fuel saving potential through our product in Latin America too, given the often long distances and mobilization times between ports and terminals. We are happy to announce that Matthias Reinarz joins us as commercial representative to drive our growth here.” says Rick Broersma, MD of LionRock Maritime.

A captain has to take responsibility for the profitable operation of the tug

Arnold: “Mob and Demob is where a tugboat uses most fuel during the day. Sailing speed during that time is one of the most important factors driving consumption. A captain has to take responsibility for the profitable operation of the tug; he/she sails fast if required to be on time, but reduces speed and thereby fuel consumption if you can. I think it makes no sense to sail full speed and then lie still at the tow for 20 min because you’re early for the job, or stay in bed for 10 extra minutes and then having to rush the tug to the job.”