At LionRock Maritime, we provide practical and powerful data-driven insights that help you optimize your towage businesses. On this page, we explain how our insights can help you stop wasted fuel consumption.

The job is done

You see two tugs, driven by captain Hurry and captain Cool, ready to head back to the tugpin.


Captain Hurry sails a bit quicker than captain Cool.


And although captain Hurry takes 20% less time to get back...


... Hurry also uses 60% more fuel than Cool by speeding unnecessarily.

Speed tracking

LionRock Maritime helps you efficiently track unnecessary speeding during mob and demob by your fleet.

How performance feedback helps

Our speed performance feedback solution empowers your Hurrys to sail more like Cools.

It saves...

The reports help you save fuel, costs, and emissions. Savings average at 130 litres per day per tug.

...and saves...

These savings add up to 4.000 litres per month per tug.

... and saves.

And run up to 48.000 litres in yearly saved fuel per tug.

Avoiding unnecessary fuel use is good for business, people and the planet. Let's stop wasting fuel together.

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