Market Tracking

How we help you win business with market data?

As a towage provider operating in a competitive port you likely want to keep track of who moves what and how. And in case you don’t know this yet, we will happily provide this information, but what is more important than knowing the market is how to actually win the market. Find out here how we help you with that.

Market insights and Accesses crucial for business expansion

LionRock Maritime combines existing detailed assessments of the towage market, publicly available data, and our own proprietary algorithm to assess towage activity in any port in the world.

Our towage pattern-recognition software provides the facts. Our towage and business-development expertise provide the insights you need to explore the most profitable opportunities for you.
Want to grow your towage business into another port, either through the competitive entry, concession, or acquisition?

Get unprecedented insights in Towage markets near you or afar and accurately assess the attractiveness of a market entry!

The Value You Get

Latest Market developments

Capacity requirements identification

Revenue potential estimation

Competitor Assessments

Fuel-Cost Estimation

Crewing Set-Up Requirements

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Step 1

Get factual information on towage markets

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Step 2

Benchmark your operational performance against your peers

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Step 3

Target attractive business

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Step 4

Use market and performance data to win customers

We can help to expand your business into a new towage market or port

Our approach to Market Tracking

Our towage market tracking software crunches all AIS data in a port and sheds lights onto all ship and tug movements. We track all ship assist movements including timestamps, operator info, terminal info and more. No more guessing on your market share, the size of your market or on the jobs performed by your competition. All in an automated and customizable fashion, but the real value comes from the additional data analytics we provide. We have programmed algorithms that will show you where you are stronger (or weaker) than your competition, which business would fit well with your fleet portfolio and make propositions that you can use to win more business.

Market Tracking

Increase market share

Our customer have used our insights to win market share. Interested to know how? Here’s one example of a customer that was able to show its superior service performance towards its vehicle carriers customers. With the support of AIS data and our software we were able to track the the berthing and unberthing times of vehicles carriers of various size ranges in a port. This proved that our customer was able to consistently shave of about 15 minutes of the assist time.

Especially for your container line and vehicles carriers customers, reducing time in port is critical. Imagine you can document with data that your service times are superior than your competitors’ and show that you bring in and take out a ship faster than they can. This puts you at a superior seat when contract negotiations are up again, maybe even allowing to steer the discussion away from only being about price.

Market tracking


Market Share

What better measure of your success as a commercial team than the development of your and your competitor’s market shares. On job level, vessel level or even customer, we keep track of your success.

Ship arrival report

Easy historical overview of all ships arrived and departed your port, including the number of tugs used on each move, terminals called, duration at berth etc.

Market Sizing

Weekly, monthly, quarterly updates on total market size allowing you to keep abreast of the volume developments in your ports of interest. Segmented per vessel type, size, terminal, operator and more
Operational impact assessment of new business with existing fleet_graph

Target attractive business

What is attractive business? One good way of looking at this is to identify business that you can bring on board without increasing your fleet size or impact on your overall service levels. We assess the impact of marginal business on your operations.

Our Customers

“The results exceeded our expectations. The good thing about LionRock’s product is that it does not require any investment in hardware, nor a lot of management time. It is simple, fast, has saved us significant costs and reduced our emissions.” Walter Collet, Managing Director at Fairplay Towage


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Frequently asked Questions

How do you get market data on a port?

We get AIS data from one of the various suppliers in the market. Our own software analyses the AIS data and finds patterns between tugs and ships; cargo ships, cruise ships etc. This is the market data we use to power our insights for your expansion.

How many years can you look back / provide insights on?

As far as the AIS data allows us. AIS has been mandatory for all ships since early 2000s. But usually we make reports covering up to 3 years of history.

How accurate can your software track tugjobs rom AIS data?

We are very proud of the accuracy of our tracking software. We have done multiple verifications of the accuracy, comparing our data with actual data, and we get around 98 to 99% correct.

We usually get market information from the port authority. What can your information add?

Most port authorities will give you information on the total vessel calls in a port. That is a great start for sizing the market. However, for assessing the required number of tugs to put in, you want more detailed information about the exact number of tug jobs, the fluctuation thereof during the day/week/year etc. We provide this as well as various other insights that are needed for making an accurate investment thesis.