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Do you want to reduce the fuel consumption of your fleet, without investment in soft- / hardware or technical upgrades?

At Lionrock Maritime, we track and report freesailing speeds allowing you to start saving fuel today.

In the towage business, between 40% and 75% of all free-sailling is performed ad speed levels higher than ECO speed. This means fuel is wasted every day due to speeding – and often for no clear benefit. This is adding needless costs to your business, while being a burden on air quality and the wider environment.

Unnecessary speeding is behavioral and can be changed. Our speed-performance-management solution does precisely that, and has been proven to lower our customers’ fuel usage upto  20% per engine hour. The solution requires no hardware installation, nor investment. It is low cost, instant and can be turned on and off based on the saving potential and priorities you set.

LionRock Maritime uses publicly available data and a proprietary algorithm to assess the sailing speeds of your fleet during freesailing. A two-to-three-month baseline period allows us to identify your status quo for travelling in excess of ECO speed. This is followed by an intervention stage, during which your captains receive weekly reports on their speed performance. To elicit the desired behavioral change, we have crafted expert communication and reporting packages designed with, and by, tugboat captains.

The product is available to any towage operations worldwide.

Call on +31 6 1445 9097 or email rick.broersma@lionrockmaritime to start saving fuel today too.


“The results exceeded our expectations. The good thing about LionRock’s product is that it does not require any investment in hardware, nor a lot of management time. It is simple, fast, has saved us significant costs and reduced our emissions.”

Walter Collet, MD at Fairplay

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